About Us


This website is created for:

  • Suppliers, Wholesales, Photographers, Decorators, Everyone who loves Colour and wants to get their business out there and growing.
  • The individual person who is just looking for the perfect handmade or manufactured gift
  • The individual just looking for a good read, inspiration and advice on life.

 We do:

  • Logo Design
  • Business Card layout and printing
  • Letterhead layout design and print {electronic version available}
  • Facebook page setup
  • Blog buttons design
  • Flyer design and printing
  • Photography watermark design / available in different colors’ to suit images
  • Wedding invites {print and electronic}
  • Birthday invites {print and electronic}
  • Label layout and design
  • Sticker layout and design
  • Stock photography and Advertising layout
  • Marketing on www.decorbycolor.co.za
  • Get inspired by colour and start decorating your life
  • Find the perfect product to suit your personal style and need
  • Get inspired and motivated
  • Change your business strategy
  • Join our marketing network – get your business out there
  • Once off payment for duration of contract  
  • The distribution of your promotions & press releases on our social networking platforms is FREE.
  • We provide targeted online advertising exposure in the decor and lifestyle industry.
  • We have Google search result rankings for many competitive keywords e.g. decor, photography.
  • We focus on quality, not quantity of listings.
  • We place a high value on attention to detail and presentation to ensure your brand equity is not compromised.
  • Online advertising has a low cost/reach ratio compared to print advertising.
  • There has been massive growth in online advertising in South Africa recently.
  • Publishing since 2012.


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